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Glimmer90's idFone as of November 2013.

Glimmer90 has been on Fantage November since 2009. She has a level of 620 as a non! As a member she is 1,500+, and she has 6 pages of impressive medals.  She normally goes on White Seal. She mostly hangs out with kitastrofe, james, anjo11, sunsetrose123, chandriler, and many more.

Glimmer90 is very funny and nice and she does add most people if you ask her. She likes funny and nice people, so make a good first impression if you ever see her! She was mostly seen in Trade N Sell and doing beach fashion shows with her friends to level up. Seen in her little info box, she likes pizza and fashion shows! Glimmer90 is single too. She isn't looking for one at the time, but it's worth a try! She also has stickers from a lot of royalty. They are all crowded within her hundred pages of stickers! She is a Pro in the Hall of Fame. She is super friendly and not stuck up when people usually see her. She does not like it when people are mean to her friends.          

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