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Pinkstardust isn't that bad ! A few people are her fans but some are jealous of her.

Pinkstardust is a very popular Fantagian with a level above 4,800. She is featured in the fourth floor in the Hall of Fame, which is located at the very left part of Uptown. Many people have met her and they're either greeted with a mean and rude greeting or a nice one. Some Fantagians say that Pinkstardust is extremely nice and others say that she's rude and only talks to rare betas or premium members. A few people who haven't met her have different ideas. Some of them agree that she is mean but others think that she might not be all that bad. Recently (or not), some people have been saying that she is trying to change. We will never know for sure, will we?

Pinkstardust in her true form.
MulikaMolikaAdded by MulikaMolika
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