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I'm not Pinkstardust, but to all of you whom hates her, she did take a piece of EVERYTHING from you. Of your flesh, your heart, and your sanity. Now to all you guys that wants to edit this just because you think she's some slut that fucks with others, you're absolutly right man. you're ruining pink's own dignity and take time to write those sentences of hate. Think about it, how great am I for ruining someones life?

She's got her own life to take care of, so just leave her alone. Pinkstardust can be grouchy and rude sometimes, but all fanatge people get that way somtimes, right? I mean, sure, it may feel guilty with all the meaness and all, but after a while, isn't there times when you just want to have space and chat with your friends?

Please save your words, Pink means no harm! TEAM PINKSTARDUST!!!!!!

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