Sophia Ocenada is new Famous Fantagian. Not that Famous Like an Actress or Actor. She Started to play Fantage 2012. She's always Hot-Tempered but she's a helpful person. Some people dont know more about her so people thinks she's so mean but kind sometimes because she's always busy. 2013 March she got hacked by someone she was really sad so she quited fantage and came back 2014 she made a Facebook Page, Youtube Channel,Twitter and Instagram she wants to be Famous like Pinkerellie,Whee Jones,Spideyz and Owocookies. So she tried to animate and to edit she was suck at editing and animating 2014 June-November. And then her Edits and Animation was good more than anyone except xMimitchi , So 2015 She Wanted to Quit Fantage because of her School. Her School Name is Bicutan Parochial School. So In June 8 she started to go in school and Second day of school June 9 she got an accident with her Grandfather. Sophia has 3 Big Scars on her Left Leg and she cant make it move so she rested for 1 day because she wanted to go school with her New Friends. So In School her Scars keeps Bleeding. It Stopped bleeding from June 18. So she wanted to say this to all people she knowed

"Hello Sorry If Im a Hot-tempered and Lied . I Still Love you :)) ... Like My Facebook Page, is Sophia Ocenada . Like My Youtube Channel, Is Sophia Ocenada ( Became Saopie Avila,because someone taking care my Youtube Channel While im gone ) Follow me on my Old Twitter, Is Graciela Ocenada And Add Me on Fantage if I know you ( If you added me I will ask you a 3 three questions hehe xD ) Sorry for Scamming but I changed :) Well gotta go Bye!~"

Copied and Pasted her Message to me :) She said she will make series in next year it will be Funny and Sweet I think! :) I Hope she Became so Nicer so People will Love her! Please dont hate her if you hate her give her a 1 chance

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