i deleted

my page

glittery's page

glittery3 fights back (she didn't even reply what is this page)

stop glittery3 hate

glittery3 awareness

MY PAGE: I feel like this wiki is falling apart and everyone hates me on this site

GLITTERY3: It's all about her. She shouldn't even be on this wiki (nor I) because she's just any page that goes on Fantage.

^ FIGHTS BACK: Why do we need this page???

^ STOP G3 HATE: We should just make this People started hating because she was too overhyped for nothing. How did this even start, anyway?

^ AWARENESS: If someone quit, we can't make them come back. It's like on Dance Moms. Kelly left and the moms wanted her back. Kelly quit because she didn't want to be there anymore. It's her choice.

So yeah we didn't need these pages

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